Why Target

We're not your typical media buying firm

Our Purpose

Aligning Brand Message
with Brand Persona

Our Core Values

Positive, Disciplined, Dedicated,
Empathetic, Strategic

With over 25 years of experience as marketing strategists, Target Media has worked diligently with 100’s of clients to build out effective media strategies and investments that drive brand success. Target Media helps strengthen a brand’s relationship with its desired persona to achieve optimal results.

We Are Marketing Strategists

We help companies make sure they have a refined, emotional based message that speaks directly to their brand’s TARGET persona.

We Research Your Brand Persona

In order to effectively communicate a message to your TARGET persona, an understanding of your persona’s media consumption habits and non-demographic data is critical.

We Chase Your Brand Persona

Once an understanding of your brand messaging and brand persona occurs, we create a holistic buying plan, agnostic to platform, that reaches your TARGET persona where they are.

So what is a brand persona?

Brand Persona is an all encompassing-profile of your company’s desired customer. This profile includes their demographic, psychographic and especially their media consumption behaviors. No two Brand Personas are the same. They are unique to each client and moment we’re trying to market in. Rehashing a media plan from even five years ago is dangerous without doing your homework of understanding the present and your current Brand Persona. 

Target then looks to use your Brand persona to build out campaigns that speak to Call To Action, KPI, etc. for the present moment across all media investment types. Target will take your brand to any platform to put the right message in front of this Brand Persona. 

It’s about having the same denominator for planning a holistic media strategy.

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